Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Blog Copycat!

There are two copycats who copied my one of my blog post bluntly and they treated as their own news.

I had posted about Michelle Chia's divorce (gossipy rumour) on 5 October and I found out that the two lazy idiots just copied it in a news post without asking for my permission.

Here are the links:

Don't they know there's such a thing called internet tracking system? Dumbo!

Goodbye, my blog stats

My blog stats are gone!

After changing to the new template, I notice that my blog stats are gone and it has been reset to ZERO!

Nevertheless, the colour theme for the new template looks better and easier for me to change the page elements.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Medklinn Air Steriliser

I have bought Medklinn Asens from Robinsons Centrepoint last Saturday as there was a sales. I had to buy two so that I could enjoy 30% discount. Otherwise, there's 20% discount if I buy one.

The price of a small air steriliser costs S$325 before discount. The bigger air steriliser does not have 30% dscount if I buy two but has 20% discount irregardless of the number of units you buy.

During my facial at Leonard Drake, the beautician recommended this for sinus as it produces massive negative ions to kill the airborne micro-organism and bring the dust down to the ground.

Here's the description in the website:

The MedKlinn Asens Air Sterilizers are driven by Cerafusion™ Ion Technology, the latest in ionization technology. The technology conforms to the relevant stringent electrical safely standards.

The Asens and Asens Premium are specially designed for indoor use. When the Asens Air Sterilizer is operating, freshness begins to fill the room. This is like the invigorating smell found near a large waterfall or after a thunderstorm, but in much greater measure. Like a gushing fountain, the MedKlinn Asens floods the room with massive amounts of beneficial negative ions. This continuous stream of cleaning ions quickly bind and remove airborne particles, as well as destroying both surface-bound and airborne micro-organisms, leaving in its place a clean, healthy and fresh environment for you and your loved ones.

The Asens Premium incorporates a Turbo function which can significantly increase the efficiency and coverage. This function is controlled by a timer with various duration to provide the optimum air cleaning requirement.

The Asens and Asens Premium, bringing nature back into your living space... enhancing your life.


Coverage Area: 400 square feet
Mains Connection: 110 v – 240v AC 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 125mm (W) x 125mm (D) x 140mm (H)
Weight: 550 grams
Input: 12VDC, 0.25 amp
Power Consumption: <>
The salesperson said that it can be switched on 24 hours and it's about $2 per month for electricity bill. Furthermore, it can last for 5 years. *skeptical mode*

Robinsons is going to deliver to me on this Thursday. Hopefully, it helps for my eczema and sinus.

Monday, November 01, 2010


I'm stressed. Stressed of my sightings and dreams because these have been getting frequent.

Things just happened in a few days or even the next day after the sightings or dreams.

Death of a minister, tsunami, earthquake and hatred of a person which bad things eventually fell upon him/her.

Few months ago, I was staring at a photo unknowingly until Lao gong talked to me. The next day, the person died and I had no connection with the person at all.

In my dreams, I dreamt about gushing of sea water where there were flashes of people drowning. The next few hours, news reported of tsunami.

In my previous post in July 2008, I predicted the championship winner for Euro Cup and I'm not an avid soccer fan. The same happened in World Cup 2010 and I started seeing sights of "S" for the winner in World Cup in Jan 2010. So I bought Spain again in Feb 2010 once Singapore Pools opened for World Cup bets. Lao gong laughed at me because Spain had never won World Cup before.

All coincidences? I truly hope so.

The sightings and hearings of supernatural are largely gone and then, this transmission of ESP energy comes shortly after.

Are these considered as precognitve abilities? Even I, myself, do not know the answer.

I will certainly like to have the ability to see the Toto results for the upcoming draw, buy the numbers and strike the first prize.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Snobbish attitude at IWC in Ion

After collecting the Chopard GT series watch in Ion Orchard yesterday evening, Lao gong and I went into IWC because I wanted to show him the watch under the Pilot series which will look great on him. Bad me wanted him to spend more and buy another watch.

We weren't greeted by any of the salesperson and nobody kept any eye contact with us the moment we stepped into IWC. It was as if both of us were transparent. We went around the shop for at least 5 minutes but nobody bothered to serve us nor open their mouth.

It was clearly seen that there were three staff and no customers in the shop. The staff were either standing in the boutique motionless or doing some calculation work and completely ignoring us although we were looking at a particular model for some time.

Unable to withstand the snobbish attitude, we stepped out without even considering to buy from that particular watch boutique.

Although both of us were wearing casual wear and I probably look like a student carrying a violin, they shouldn't gauge on others appearances. It's such a pity that they completely ignore us. Otherwise, Lao gong will seriously consider to buy IWC as his next watch.

So far, the best salesperson to buy watches is a friendly guy from Hour Glass in Ngee Ann City. He served us with sincerity and patience even though we were only looking at a Tag Heur. When other customers were looking at a more expensive watch, he would still fully concentrate on us.

On a positive note in Ion yesterday, there's a boutique executive in Miu Miu, who looks like a Malay, was helpful and friendly. She even bothered to take out all the colours to show it to me, explained the other use of the bag and the salability of the different colours without me asking anything.

We are looking forward to more sales people like her and the salesperson from Hour Glass.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Divorce of Shawn Chen and Michelle Chia?

I heard from my gossip-py radar that Shawn and Michelle are divorcing. I do not know whether it is the truth or it's just some rumours spreading. They look so loving and happy together on tv!

But if they are really divorcing, it's understandable since most of us had heard about the other rumours between Shawn and Jeanette while they were filming Holland V (provided this is true).

All I hope is they are together happily because it's difficult to come across each other, blossom of love between each other and become as husband and wife unless something triggers the divorce.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Building of Mickey Mouse Units

I'm disappointed on the development of mickey mouse units. More and more units are getting smaller. The smallest that I have come across is about 350 sq ft which is approximately the size of a hotel room. There are just too small to set up a family or even for a couple to live.

Although Singapore is pretty crowded, there are still lands available. Take a closer look around us and you will notice forests and empty lands. Singapore is not similar to Toyko and New York where lands are very limited and developers have no choice but to build mickey mouse units.

Developers are purely building smaller units to make more profits. Let's take ABC as a development. The developer of ABC can build either 20 units x 1000 sq feet or 57 units x 350 sq feet. As developers know that the smaller unit is, the higher pricing it will be, the developer starts to build smaller units. Instead of pricing at $800 per sq foot, it will be priced at $1200 per sq foot. It may look cheaper as a condo unit is priced at $420K (350 sq ft) rather than paying $800K (1000 sq feet). A dumbo buyer will just step in and buy without much consideration because he thinks that it's cheap and is able to rent out to expats.

With this, it causes the private prices to go up unknowingly although the economy has not been fully recovered yet.

Nowadays, government has been urging Singaporeans to have more babies. With the development of this mickey mouse units, it's will be tough to set up a family. Others may think that we can just stay in normal units rather than buying mickey mouse units but the problem is "IT'S FREAKING EXPENSIVE" to buy a bigger unit. I often wonder why the government has no control. If they have control over a fully paid HDB flat which rightfully belongs to an owver, why they do not control over this issue which the land rightfully belongs to government? In long term, Singapore will become like Japan where the percentage of elderly will be much higher than the young. By then, it's too late for remedy.

As I am looking for a unit to stay, I have called several agents and they kept on recommending and telling me that mickey mouse units will be in hot demand in the next few years. The thing is "how do they know" even when all the mickey mouse units have not been developed yet. Some agents told me that the rental charges are able to fetch a 5% yield but "how do they know" as well when the mickey mouse units have not been developed and tested in the rental market. When I asked this questions to the agents, they will say that they will be more and more expats coming in especially when the IR has opened. But common sense told me that those employed in IR will definitely have a place to stay now.

Probably, it's good to buy it and charge hourly rental (illegally) since there are so many "foreign talents". Definitely hot demand!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Individualistic colleagues

I have just started my new job in another aviation company on 1 Mar 2010. I carried an excited mentality on the first day of work. Thinking about new challenges, new colleagues and new environment just made me feel enthusiastic in working since I was bored with my previous jobscope and wanted a career which can take me to another new height and not to mention, better salary.

Within a week of working, my excited mood was dampen and felt that there was a heavy weight pulling down in my heart. I regret leaving my ex-company. It's not about salary. Not about the environment. Not about the work. But it's the colleagues as what you can see from the title.

When I asked them a question, they would never ever gave me an answer which I am satisfied with. They would open a file to let me see and slightly went through it by a minute. When I asked one of the colleague whether he could send the file to me so that I could have a better understanding, he just answered that that was old file which I could clearly see that it's an updated file. Even if it's an old file, I don't mind looking at it as I will be able to have a better understanding. They seemed to be scared of indulging information about the work that they had done as if I will take away their work. But the problem is that we have different jobscope and I will not snatch their job.

Although I came from an aviation company but the market is different. I used to work in MRO where there are only a few types of commercial engines and mainly airlines customers but now, it's about jet planes where there are so many types of jet planes and helicopters in the market and they are so many different types of services and different types of engines on a plane. Furthermore, people are constantly changing their private jets so it's quite difficult to keep track unless the sales people notify me.

Nobody is teaching me all these and I am constantly searching the internet for an answer. When I asked them a question, they will just answer that they are busy. Tamade...I don't understand what they are busy with. I only saw them busy chatting with other colleagues. If you are truly busy, then don't chat.

When I asked what they wanted from me in my current company, they told me that they wanted everything to input into an excel speadsheet. Hey! I am doing in an excel spreadsheet and not a web. When I informed them about launching the project into a website, my boss told me that I have to start doing it in a spreadsheet first and will consider launching a website as it is about the same. But it's totally different because a web-based development can just do a search by clicking once and all data will come out and can store numerous data. But excel spreadsheet?!

The culture is just different from my previous company. Although the two bad culture in my previous company are working within their appointed jobscope and not willing to voice out as they will be the ones doing it in the end where they are not supposed to be the ones doing it. At least, they are willing to teach and I don't mind doing what others are supposed to do because I will learn more in this way. I remembered when I first came into my previous job, there was a person teaching me the types of engines that they do, the basics of how an engine works and the expectations from me. Even after a few years at work, my boss was constantly teaching me new things.

But now, I am swimming on my own. It's either I will swim to the shore and survive or I will just die in the deep sea where nobody is teaching me how to swim first. I wish someone will pass me a float soon.

I casually talked to Michelle about this and she told me that I am likeable and believe as time goes by, they will be willing to accept you as part of their clique. But I don't think so. They are afraid that their rice bowl will be stolen. Now, I just hope that things will improve and I can deliver my work with excellence.

I'm really missing my ex-colleagues and friends. Miss the laughter and lunch time together.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Time really flies

It has been a long while since I last blog. My company that I am working for has blocked blogger and I do not like the idea of using my home laptop since I have been looking at the computer screen at work for more than 8 hours. It's bad for the eyes.

I shall stop blogging until I have the time at home.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Foresee the Future?

Is it really coincidence? Whatever football team I guessed to be the champion will emerge as the champion. And it was even before the actual football event started.

E.g. I told Lao gong to buy a team called "Milan" because in my mind, Milan football just kept popping in my mind and he bought AC Milan and Inter Milan.

In this Euro Cup 2008, the event had not even started and I asked Lao gong to buy a team with a Liverpool foorballer and he bought Spain. $5 only as I'm a total nerd in whatever connected with soccer.

I even asked some of my friends to buy and they won but there was one who didn't buy. Probably he didn't trust me that Spain will emerge as the champion when the whole event had not started yet. The rate was pretty good at $6+ for every $1.

I dreamt of earthquake. And within three days, there was an earthquake.

Oh ya...the curse as well. Whatever I curse (in a type of way), it will come true.

Coincidence or not...I don't know.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Jobs that I have worked before

Thinking back, I have worked for so many jobs before.

I have worked as:

1. Tuition teacher

2. Account Executive

3. Visual Artist

4. Waitress

5. Machinist (To grind metal)

6. Sales (in fashion and beauty)

7. Autocad designer

8. Graphic Designer

9. Barista at Starbucks

10. Plastic bag packer

11. Bank teller

12. Secretary

13. Showgirl cum Salesgirl (more of a salesgirl)

14. Give out pamphlets

15. Marketing Executive

All these jobs range from Year 1996 to now and includes my part-time and full-time jobs.

I have a deep impression when I was working as a machinist in Year 2003 during our poly school holidays. Ling and I went for the interview and we lied we had 'O' level certificate and wanted to look for a full-time job. We managed to get the job but we were separated by different jobscopes.

Ling's job was super easy. She only needed to measure the height of the metal that we had grinded. Luckily, we were not in the department where they needed to smoothen the edge with a sand paper because I heard some young people complain about their aching shoulders and quitted within a few days.

I was surprised that I was able to endure for two months during my school holidays. I remembered the coolant make my fingers developed some itchy blisters as I was allergic to it. The rubber gloves were useless as it teared easily and the inventory of the gloves were being controlled. And a tiny dust could cause uneveness in the measurement. If the height of the metal was too thick, we had to redo again. If it was too thin, we would be penalised by the manager because the metal plates had to be thrown away.

Luckily the guys were willing to teach me to operate the big machine and even gave their share that they made to me when I couldn't meet my target. The guys treated my friend, Ling, and I well. Some of the guys working there were wooing Ling and an auntie even wanted to recommend her son to Ling. As a friend of hers, I got the benefits as well. One of the ex-colleague gave Ling a Sentosa ticket for New Year Countdown and she even asked him to buy another ticket for me too...haha.

However some aunties seemed to be complaining about us most of the time. Well, we did not bother too much. The money was good! We earned about 2K per month and I could have the money to pay for my poly school fees.

Currently, I'm working as Marketing Executive and I have been working for 3 years 4 months. When I have gotten my expensive 'toilet paper' next year, I believe I will change to another different company. My pay sucks!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

LV Warning

True story from my friend because this happened to his friend in LV boutique.

Recently, my friend told me that his friend went to LV boutique in Singapore to buy a bag. When she was paying for her bag, the SA asked to see her LV wallet. Stupidly, she let the SA take the wallet to take a look. Afterwards, a supervisor/manager came and said that she was being fined $1000!

The reason?

She was carrying a fake LV wallet because she saw no advantage of carrying a real LV when the wallet is in the bag all the time.

Next time if you are carrying any fake accessories in LV be it bag or wallet, please do not step into the boutique or do not let the SA take your things. They are stepping up to prevent counterfeit products.

Anyway, many of you should know you are not supposed to bring fake goods to Europe because there will be custom officers checking on that to tackle the rapid growth of trade in fakes. If yours is a counterfeit good, they will seize the goods and slap you with a fine.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

World Vision

I have been wanting to sponser a child from World Vision in the past but I did not have much moolahs. And not forgetting, I was earning a meagre salary although it's still pretty much the same now.

Talking about World Vision, it is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. Under World Vision Sponsership, there is a Child Sponsership Programme which helps children who struggle to survive.

Child Sponsorship is a one-to-one relationship between you and your sponsored child where you can correspond, pray for your sponsored child, receive regular reports on their progress, even perhaps visit the child and his or her family and community.

Sponsorship provides resources which go into a program, usually 10 to 15 years in length, custom-designed in collaboration with community leaders to address key spiritual and physical needs in the community. Programs are child-focused but also benefit non-sponsored children and families.

Just a few minutes ago, I went into to find a child to sponser so I started to search for a child whom I like.

And tata....I found an adorable Elkin from Colombia who captured my eyes with his adorable smile and puppy eyes! I clicked on "Sponsor Now" but too bad...the child sponsership is only available in United States. Probably, I shouldn't have looked into looks, as in choosing a cute child for sponsership. But who doesn't look into looks at first sight?

Isn't he cute?

I clicked on SG World Vision but haven't found anyone who captured my eyes. But one day, I believe I will sponser a child to give him/her a better life.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Singapore Airshow 2008

I went on Wednesday (20 Feb 2008) and Friday (22 Feb 2008) to the airshow but didn't manage to shoot many photos because I was at the company's booth helping out and at the same time, chatting with my colleagues and ex-colleagues. Great to see them succeed in their career.

Only two photos taken from the booth

Black knights (Singapore)

Impressive "flaming heart" maneuver

Followed by "Curtains", a downward flight performance

I watched the airshow performance at EDB chalet, thanks to Sir Min's ex-colleague, so that we could have the shade under the hot sun and watched it at a higher level.

However, I only managed to watch the team performance by RSAF for 20 minutes and had to go to the booth to help out or else my other colleague couldn't get to take his lunch.

Quite a lot of people asked for souvenier pins but I only ordered souveniers magnets. When I started to give to a person, a group of people will suddenly crowd to the booth and, sometimes, it will lead to a queue. My colleagues described them as piranhas because a packet of 100 pieces were grabbed within 5 minutes but we controlled not to give out too many at a time.

We have learnt from the mistakes several years ago during Asian Aerospace because during that year, my colleagues (I wasn't working in this company at that period) brought 2000 pieces of pins and put it on the table booth. All were grabbed up within a day as nobody was attending to the pins and they were busy with their clients.

I find that Singapore Airshow, especially the main hall, is slightly smaller than Asian Aerospace but I still love this event.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Movie reviews

Lao gong and I went to watch P.S. I love you on last Sat, 16 Feb. It's quite rare for us to watch a movie because of these reasons:

1. Expensive! Each weekend ticket cost $9.50. So a pair of tickets will cost $19. Moreover we like to eat nachos and total cost will come to approximately $25. I rather spend the money on food.

2. I'm studying on some weekdays and Lao gong works late almost every weekdays. If we have to watch a movie after work provided I do not have any lessons or Lao gong do not have to work too late, we will book the 9pm ticket after work and dinner. By the time we reached home, it will be 12 midnight and we have to work the next day. Too tired!

3. I have the tendercy to sleep late on Fri and Sat nights and by the time I wake up, it's already in the afternoon. I prefer lazing at home rather than going out unless I need to buy something.

4. I have school on some Saturdays and ends at 5pm. Trust me...I will sleep in the theatre. No point paying $9.50 for a nap.

5. I prefer my own home to watch shows from tv when I can talk while watching movies. I can even pause when I'm hungry, going to the toilet or picking up hp. And I do not need to endure the kicking of the seat from behind or shaking his chair beside me.

6. Lastly, Lao gong and I are non movie enthusiasts.

7. My mum just said one word to me: Stingy!

It's rare that I watch movies on both consecutive Saturdays. One on 9 Feb and another on 16 Feb. We watched CJ7 on 9 Feb because it's just a tradition for us to watch Stephem Chow's movies. His movies always bring laughter and joy and I prefer a no-brainer lame movie without much thinking. I have to think while working and studying. And if I have to think while watching movie, I don't know how many brain cells of mine will be gone. I'm watching movie to relax and not to kill more of my brain cells.

Back to my movie review. This show casted by Hilary Swank Gerard Butler is exactly the same story as the novel by Cecelia Ahern. Although this movie is nice, the story book is even nicer! I thought I will wring out my tears while watching the movie because I teared when I was reading the book three years plus ago. The show is surprisingly light-hearted in a way as there are some scenes where it brings laughter rather than portraying a grief-drenched movie. Overall, I would give it 3.5/5.

As for CJ7, it's not very lame as compared to Stephen Chow's previous movies and the plot is simple with some sad scenes especially the scenes when Stephen died. When the scene showed that fat "girl" talking, it never failed to make me laugh. Those who watched it will know the reason.

I would give it 3.5/5. I prefer the previous lame movies by him and make the movies heavily amusing so that I can have a good laugh from the beginning to the end.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

10th Year Anniversary

Time really flies. Lao gong and I have been together for 10 years although some unpleasant things happen throughout this relationship.

Our relationship is like a roller coaster or even more exciting. We went through ups and downs with obstacles. Laughters and tears.

I remembered when I first met him in Dec 1997, it was at Bukit Batok MRT and we were waiting for someone whom I do not wish to be named. I was invited by Peijun to a BBQ at East Coast Park and we met at Bukit Batok MRT.

While I was talking with Peijun, I noticed him because he was sitting near our group and did not talk nor smile. I was thinking whether he was alone as in not in our group because he was sitting on the stairs alone by himself.

When Peijun's friend came, only then he started talking but not to me because probably, I have a "dao" or too pretty face that he didn't dare to approach...hehe

Upon reaching East Coast, we did not talk at all. When night falls, the first sentence to me, "Do you have any sweets?" As I had the habit of carrying smint, I gave some sweets to him. And from then, he started introducing himself but we did not talk much. A guy, Marcus, striked a conversation with me because he happened to study in SP, EE third year and I was in my first year. We chatted for quite a long while.

At around 9pm, I have to make a phone call to my mum because my mum was very strict with me and did not allow me to stay till 11pm. What I remembered is she kept on paging me (10 years ago, pagers were in trend and hp were too expensive). I asked Peijun the location of nearest public phone booth and it was a distance away. Peijun's friend heard it and asked him to accompany me to the phone booth. We did not chatted much throughout the long walk.

At about 10.30pm, I left after exchanging numbers with him and Marcus. The next day, my pager appeared 532-11 24 (something like this) and I knew the message was from them because of their personal codes.

After the BBQ gathering, I seldom chatted with both of them and occassionally received calls from them or called them mostly for X'mas and New Year greetings.

Then one day, something happened which made us closer. I met up with a guy whom I never met before through recommendation as I was single at that time. Upon looking at the guy, I almost felt like walking away. Probably, I was still young and looked into looks but as long as the person's looks is average, I didn't mind. However the person was fat and short. Dishing appearance aside, he talked weird things that I don't understand and even wanted me to become his gf?! We met for the first time and he asked that type of question which scared me off. And the best part is he bought the movie tickets beforehand without asking my opinion.

In the end, I had to call up some guy friend to pose as my bf. I managed to get him at home and he rushed down to Bugis. When he saw me, he automatically held my hand and introduced himself as my bf. Super automatic without my "teaching".

Then we went to watch "Replacement Killer" and the guy just said that he had something on and left, leaving both of us to watch the show. Even though the guy had left, we were still holding hands together. I have forgotten how we managed to "unstick" our hands.

That incident makes us closer and I started to develop chemistry for him. He started to meet me at McDonald's near my house to teach me Engineering Maths which I was bad at.

On 13 Feb 1998, he gave me a call and we chatted. When the time striked 12 midnight, he asked me to listen to a song. I can still remember the song by Jacky Cheung, "Ni Zhi Bu Zhi Dao". He asked me whether I could be his gf and I told him "Sorry....his life will have an additional woman...which is I". And on 14 Feb 1998, we become a couple.

Our relationship in the first three months was not smooth sailing despite people saying that first few months are usually the honeymoon period.

The tears, pain, breakup, lies....all I wish is a complete stop with complete trust in each other.

I hope Lao gong and I will hold hands forever and grow old together with two children.

Happy Valentine Day to all! May all couples be blissfully in love.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

To the person who copied my blog

I found out yesterday that my blog was being copied and it stopped at the posts where I changed to my new link. The link that the person holds the blog, purposely, put my old blog link for people to be mistaken that I'm still using my old blog link. Furthermore the person disallow me to leave comments.

There isn't any photos in the copied blog because of the trademark that I have inserted in every photos. Once the person put my photos, I can just hire a lawyer and get a lump sum of money from that person and he/she will pay for my lawyer's fees as well.

I went to copyright procedures in blogger and I do not like the last procedure where my new link will be publicise in the person's blog to warn him/her. I have to write a letter to blogger which I do not mind but the letter will be published on the person's blog and my new blog link will be published as well. I believe the person do not have my new link or else he/she would have copied the whole blog.

Thanks to the person and I have a present specially for that particular person who copied my blog.

So here comes the curse for that person! And I seriously mean it!

I curse that the person who copied my blog will be lonely all his/her life and his/her friends will leave him/her and dislike him/her. Even if the person has any friends, they are beside him/her for the wrong reasons. The person will land in hospital with strange illness where he/she will never be healed.

If you know me well in actual person for the past decade, you should know what happened to the surrounding people who stepped on my tail before because of my curse. But I don't think you know me well or else you will not step on my tail.

Believe it or not, you (the person who copied my blog) will definitely get my curse.

(The curse will cease if you are my relative)

I'm a person that if you treat me bad, I will return to you double or even more. If you treat me well, I will reciprocate and return the favor to you double or more.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Prada hp on my birthday

I haven't been updating for a long time.

My Lao gong bought a Prada hp on my birthday on that day itself. I was so happy.

But we caught up with some hiccups at M1. The Prada phone was selling at $488 for my plan as I was using the higher end plan. But the Customer Service Officer wanted to charge me at $688 by giving the reason that the promotion was over. I'm not stupid as I had given a call to M1 on that morning to confirm the price at $488. It's $200 difference. Not just $2.

I sarcastically told the person that M1 is so good that the price changed on the same day within 5 hours when I had made a call to M1 in the morning to confirm the price and even checked their system in M1 outlet.

I waited for more than 15 min (with a long queue behind me) for the person to check the actual price for me and the person confirmed the price of $488 saying that the price was specially for me as the system at M1 outlet was not updated and the price of $688 was correct. That means that the M1 Customer Service hotline system was not updated as well since the CS officer told me the price of $488.

M1 should update their "whatever" system to make minimal mistakes. It's not professional to have double pricing and make the customer wait. If I didn't call and check their system, Lao gong will be tricked to pay an additional of $200.

Despite the hiccup, I was happy to receive my new hp. It looks so elegant, like me. *cough*

After using it for around a month, I noticed that there are scratches on the phone. I have been looking for a screen protector but all the shops do not sell Prada hp screen protector.

Fingerprints are easily spotted as it is a touch screen hp. Messaging is slightly difficult on bus or car when the vehicle jerks and I will accidentally pressed the wrong "button".

Other than that, it's easy to navigate around without much complicated functions. To me, a hp is simply to call and message and must look good (on me). Of course, adding camera function is an added point because I can always take photos as and when I want because I do not like to bring my camera around.

Lao gong brought me to California Kitchen to eat on my birthday. I have to say the spaghetti - Marsala Marinara with additional prawns and chicken taste great! The prawn is fresh with a chrunchy bite. I give it 9/10.

We ordered the California Club pizza and it's just an average pizza although it's better than Pizza Hut. Luckily, the pizza is free as I have the Women's Weekly one-for-one voucher. Next, we ordered chocolate souffle cake with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. The cake just melts into the mouth lingering the mouth with a rich chocolatey taste. When combined with the vanilla ice-cream, it's heavenly.

It's always sweet to have Lao gong to accompany me on my birthday.

Phenomenon on bus and mrt

I have read in LD that there's an phenomenon that some foreign women find a seat by forcing themselves in between two people. So inconsiderate!

Luckily I never meet this before. If I ever meet with this type of experience, I think I will do something disgusting and make sure the person stands up.

Anyway I have sinus and can just sneeze and smear onto my pants, making sure my pants touch the person. If they are disgusting to squeeze in, I will make sure that I will be more disgusting than them. If they scold me or do the same to me, I will definitely scold them back and throw my whole bunch of medicine at them (as I have the habit to carry medicine) telling them that I'm sick and making sure everyone stands by my side. See who wins lor.

I have met with something similar in the mrt where guys like to spread their legs wide as though their dick is damn big and occupying my seat. I just kept on shaking my leg where the guy's leg touched my leg making sure he moved his leg away. Most of the time, it worked but this method failed once before. So I did the disgusting method by sneezing loudly and smeared my mucus onto my pants where he sat. And it works! The person quickly moved his leg away. Sinus is not a bad thing afterall.

So don't ever touch a Scorpio because she's always prepared to return back the "favor". Double.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Indulgence in food

Lao gong is getting pok-kai because of FOOD!. We have been going to restaurants for our meals at least twice a week.

We went to California Kitchen, Lerk Thai, Sketches, Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao, Soup Restaurant, Ichiban Sushi (went there two times), The Soup Spoon (counted?) and Carl's Junior (counted too?) in this month. I do not have the habit of taking photos of the food in Singapore. If I have taken photos of the food, I think we will be the king and queen because we always order so much food.

Moreover we are planning to go to Al Dente at Esplanade, Bistorante Bologna at Marina Mandarin and Bakerzin this week. As for the next week, I guess we have to dine in restaurants as we are going to Genting.

Lao gong complained to me that all his money went on food. But I find that eating good food makes me feel happy. No wonder I'm getting fatter because having good food will make me eat more.

Lao gong knows that I do not like to eat in coffeeshops. I would rather tabao the food from a coffeeshop and eat at home because I do not like people talking loudly in coffeeshops and smokers. Even when there's the yellow line to separate the smokers, my nose is too sensitive that a puff from about three meters away will make me sneeze.

If you notice carefully for a quite crowded coffeeshops or alfresco cafes, most tables are occupied except the tables near to the smoking area. And there are some irritating smokers who purposely smoke outside the yellow box.

I'm starting to have high food indulgence which I must tell myself to stop or else Lao gong will become pok-kai as all the food bill is paid by Lao gong.